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Everything You Need to Create
Beverage and Dessert Products That
Are Better Than Fresh.

KanPak® is your ultimate resource for beverages and desserts. From juices to coffee drinks to delicious blended ice cream treats, we’ll help you create the perfect product. Innovation, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, superior customer service and the highest quality ingredients are all part of the mix.

Aseptic Technology

The key to more efficient beverage packaging, shipping and storage is aseptic technology. We use a tightly controlled thermal process to destroy potentially harmful bacteria. Next, the product is packaged in sterilized, durable material to protect from outside contamination. The result is an incredibly fresh, delicious creation that can be safely stored for up to six months without refrigeration.

Exceptional service

One of the keys to every successful organization is a ‘customer-centric’ model, ensuring we go above and beyond to build solid relationships and keep our customers satisfied. That’s why we take a very hands-on approach to everything that goes into making a delicious, nutritious and consistently superior beverage or dessert product. From the very beginning, our secret ingredient has been our people.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Our products require no refrigeration to ship and store, dramatically reducing energy costs throughout the process. Plus, small aseptic pouches create 25 times less waste than traditional packaging, reducing disposal costs and impact. From start to finish, it’s a much more environmentally friendly way of doing business.