The key to more efficient beverage packaging, shipping and storage is aseptic technology.

The Aseptic Advantage is actually multiple advantages which Aseptic processing and packaging provide. They include the cost savings and decreased environmental impact of our shelf stable products not requiring refrigeration during distribution and storage, ‘cleaner’ labels as the process makes the use of preservatives unnecessary, and many more. But what is ‘Aseptic’ and how does it work?

What is ‘Aseptic’?

Aseptic is defined as:

  • free from pathogenic microorganisms
  • no microorganisms capable of growing in non-refrigerated conditions

The Process

And what’s the Advantage?

Preservative free

NO refrigeration needed

Consistent quality

9-12 month shelf life

Distribution cost savings

Greener solution: less material, less waste

The Result:

Color, taste and nutritional content maintained without preservatives or refrigeration, stored safely for up to 12 months!

Watch our video to learn more about the Aseptic Advantage

Fresh vs. Aseptic? Well, it’s kinda like this.


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