Plant-based milks, beverages & desserts: offer a dairy-free alternative!

Plant-based offerings in general are one of today’s hottest menu trends, with menu mentions skyrocketing. Milks are no exception:  Almond, Coconut & Oat are on fire, with menu growth rates in triple digits and beyond.

Awareness of plant-based milks is also exceedingly high, with many enjoying levels of nearly 100%. Several types are also experiencing high levels of trial, with Almond leading the way.

In addition to beverages, desserts also enjoy strong interest by consumers in non-dairy alternatives. Nearly three-quarters of consumers express interest in non-dairy Smoothies, and over 65% indicate interest in Soft Serve ice cream and Milkshakes paired with plant-based milks. The reason is simple:  they view the option as a healthier, more natural choice.

Plant-based milk insights:
Growing like crazy!

Plant-based Menu Mentions

(past 4 years)

Understanding the target user:
Plant-based beverages tend to skew strongly with women and younger guests.

Did you know?

Of consumers indicate that they are trying to increase their intake of vegetable-based proteins

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Interest is High

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