The Key to Great Coffee is
Quality and Freshness.

KanPak® knows coffee. That’s why we use only premium grade coffee to deliver the freshest product, whether you need cold brew, iced, frozen or even a blended ice cream/coffee treat. And creating unique coffee flavors is another one of our specialties.*

All KanPak® coffee creations contain real coffee extracts and no preservatives. So the end product tastes like coffee, not chemicals. The aseptic packaging also means the product is shelf stable for up to 9 months for optimum supply chain efficiency. This means lower energy costs, reduced shipping costs, less waste – a better process from start to finish.

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Iced Coffee

This bag-in-box product is
ready to serve in no time.
Choose from popular flavors
like Original, Mocha, French
Vanilla and Mocha Mint.
Or, talk to us about creating
a custom flavor.

Frozen Coffee

Frozen cappuccinos come
in a variety of delicious
flavors and can be utilized
with many major granita
machine dispensers. Just open
the pouch, pour it in and let the
machine do the rest.

*Minimums may apply.

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