The Sweeter Side
of Life

Treat your guests to the sweeter side of life with KanPak’s variety of delicious treats, from soft serve ice cream to milkshakes, frozen yogurt, and custards. All in convenient mix formats that are easy to use and deliver consistently great-tasting desserts every time.

Frozen Dessert Insights:
Did you know?

Menu Mainstays

of restaurants have
ice cream on the menu

offer milkshakes

Daypart Appeal

68% of consumers most often enjoy soft serve ice cream as a snack, specifically in the afternoon. Milkshakes on the other hand are often consumed with a meal – 47% of the time, with lunch being the leader.

Top Reason for Consumption

indicate it’s to satisfy a craving

The second most often cited reason is to treat themselves!

Sources: Datassential MenuTrends; KanPak Proprietary Research 2019; Nielsen 2018

Kanpak Frozen Dessert Benefits

  • Premium quality ingredients: real milk, fresh fruit purees, premium chocolate, vanilla, and coffee extracts
  • Shelf stable, aseptic packaging ensures the freshest taste, requires no refrigeration, reduces waste and shipping costs
  • No preservatives
  • Custom-created flavor profiles
  • Varying range of butterfat levels
  • Non-dairy formulations available
  • Operationally easy: simply mix and dispense

Got your interest?

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