KanPak’s BlendaShakeTM shake concentrate is the easiest way to bring on-trend milkshakes into your business!

Simple, easy-to-use BlendaShake ® Milkshake Concentrate takes labor and guesswork out of shake preparation and improves speed of service versus hard pack ice cream. Customize BlendaShake with syrups or add-ins for maximum flexibility and variety for customers, or add alcohol to create delicious adult dessert options. BlendaShake Milkshake Concentrate is processed and packaged aseptically, meaning it ships and stores at ambient temperatures for up to six months. Call 1-800-378-1265 or click here to request more information.


• Sure, shakes have been on menus for years but they continue to see demand Everyone loves a shake!

• Younger consumers often choose beverages as their dessert option and shakes are one of their top choices! Offering indulgent drink options on your menu appeals to this consumer group

• Over the last three years, shake sales are growing again and many restaurants have seen growth in the dessert beverage area

Shakes are perceived as “difficult” to make at home and are therefore typically purchased away-from-home


• KanPak BlendaShake ships in concentrated form via in half gallon pouches or 2.5 gallon Bag in Box format

• Product ships and stores ambient for up to 6 months. Once opened, KanPak BlendaShake concentrate has 14 days shelf life with refrigeration

• KanPak BlendaShake is made with REAL Dairy and with natural vanilla flavor

in-store-shake-steps•    Simply add equal parts BlendaShakeTM Concentrate and ice in your commercial blender, push the pre-set button, blend for 15-20 seconds, pour and serve
•    At a 1:1 ratio of concentrate to ice finished shake product contains 5% butter fat. The ratio can be adjusted to provide a thicker, more-dense shake or a more liquid, thinner shake based on consumer preference
•    Mix-ins (cookies, candy, fruit) can be added into the shake as well

Experience the benefits of KanPak BlendaShakeTM in your business!

• No expensive milkshake freezer or hassle of hard pack ice cream

Simple, straightforward and quick preparation in a commercial blender

• KanPak BlendaShake concentrate offers consistent taste and quality

Aseptic and shelf stable, simplifying supply chain and operations

Call 1-800-378-1265 or click here to request more information to find out how BlendaShake can add sales and profit to your business!

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