The Ultimate in Dispensing Simplicity and Reliability.

For the ultimate in convenience, operational simplicity and cost effectiveness, KanPak® offers our customers a range of dispensing solutions. KanPak®‘s refrigerated liquid dispensers are simple to install and easy to use. So, you get everything you need to deliver quality products for your customers. Ideal for promoting your dispensed product offerings!

  • Simple ready-to-drink product dispensing for various liquid products including milk, cream, cold coffee, juices and many more!
  • Manual, lever-operated dispensing system ensures maximum “up-time”

  • Holds up to three 9.5 litre/2.5 gallon bag-in-box products for refrigerated dispensing
  • Best value on the market delivering the fastest return on investment
  • Simple to install and use – just remove the machine from its carton and power the unit
  • Environmentally friendly, EPA-approved Ecomate® foam insulation
  • Variety of sizes and dimensions

  • Sleek Black Finish for “Front of the Store” customer side applications

  • Commercial Stainless for “Back of the Store” kitchen side applications

  • Economical mechanical control or flexible electronic control options

Two head dispensers:

CDL 212 H BK Liquid Dispenser

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CDL 212 H SS Liquid Dispenser

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CDG 211 H SS Liquid Dispenser

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Three head dispensers:

CDL 312 H BK Liquid Dispenser

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CDL 312 H SS Liquid Dispenser

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CDG 311 H SS Liquid Dispenser

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CDG 311 HV SS Liquid Dispenser

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Ecomate® Foam Insulation Benefits

Beginning in 2015, all KanPak CDG dispensers will be manufactured using the new Ecomate® foam blowing agent in accordance with the New US & World Wide Standard. This environmentally friendly blowing agent and family of polyurethane foam systems has no global warming potential (GWP), no ozone depletion potential (ODP) and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so it does not contribute to smog production. It is also RoHS and WEEE compliant, and is approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for foam blowing under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program.

  • Complies with NSF, CE, CSA, UL certifications and EPA regulations
  • Exceeding the EPA and Montreal Protocol regulations by implementing a zero-ODP alternative
  • Accepted worldwide

Check out our handy tutorial videos:

Our CDG Dispenser


Piercing a bag-in-box