The Broadest Range of
Packaging Options.

At KanPak®, we are recognized as industry leaders in the design, processing and packaging of aseptic beverage and dessert solutions. With the industry´s widest variety of packaging and dispensing options, whether your opportunity requires a “back of house” solution or an RTD ‘Grab and Go’ item, we have the answers and experience to provide the optimal solution. Choose from our efficient, easy-to-use Pouch Pak format, the wide variety of Bag-in-Box solutions or our aseptic bottles – no one offers a broader range of aseptic packaging options! With our CDG range of cost-effective, reliable and flexible manual dispensers, KanPak is ready to provide complete, integrated solutions for your operational and supply chain needs. Click here to request more information.

Discover the Simplicity of Bag-in-Box Products.bibhands

For easy storage and dispensing, our bag-in-box products are the perfect solution. These sterile, prepackaged bags are housed in cardboard boxes that you place in the machine to dispense. Sizes range from 1 to 3 gallons, with a variety of dispensing options, including dairy tube, flex tap and more. Of course, our aseptic packaging allows you to store these products safely for up to six months without refrigeration.

Ksingle pouchanPak’s Pouch Pak – The Perfect Package

Aseptic, shelf-stable pouches ship and store without refrigeration, but they also provide many other benefits:
More efficient storage — flexible pouches occupy 40% less space than rigid alternatives; clear pouch allows for easy identification of products
Lower waste disposal costs — flexible pouches dramatically reduce the amount of trash going into the waste stream
More efficient labor — easy to open, easy to dispense
Greater cost effectiveness — virtually 100% product yield resulting in less waste

Aseptic Bottles

Take advantage of the huge growth in aseptically bottled products. See how KanPak custom solutions can provide the competitive advantage you seek in today’s marketplace.

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